Digital Recorder MP3



Record sound, voice, in MP3 format.

Download and start recording. Fully customizable MP3 settings such as Bit rate, Sample rate, Stereo-Mono mode.

With the digital recorder you can:
• Record sounds or Voice Recorder
• Voice memos
• Play recordings from the playback list
• Background recording
• Make notes or comments on recordings
• Share or send recordings
• Delete recordings
• Unlimited record time and file size


Frequent Ask Questions

Is it compatible with my phone?
There is a demo version that you can try. We developed this version so users can test it with their phone before they purchase the PRO version.

What is the functionality of the call recorder?
With this program you can record sound or voice notes. The recording is initialized pressing the microphone picture.

How do I start recording?
In the main screen there is a microphone image, press it and it will change color to white, and a notification will appear. This means that the recording is active.

Are there any additional features in the PRO version?
No. You will have the same functionality as the demo version. The only difference is that the demo version displays Ads.

The translation in my language is not accurate, is there any way to fix it?
Yes. If you want to help us correct the translation to your language, send an email to and we will send you a link, where you can modify texts in the app. If the developers accept the changes, the corrections will be available on the next release.

How can I purchase the Call Recorder?
The only way we accept payments right now is only with Google Play In-App Purchases. Is the most secure, easy and it is the only way to receive updates. Google accepts credit / debit cards. The price is marked as MX$, which means Mexican Pesos.

Get it on Google Play


Is the payment, a time recurring payment? Like a subscription?
No. The payment is done only once, and it’s permanent. In fact you can access the application if you change your cell phone. You can have the application as long as you have access to the Google account that you used to purchase it.