Digital Call Recorder 2


With the “Digital Call Recorder 2” you can:

  • Record calls.
  • Start recording automatically.
  • Play the recorded calls from the playback list.
  • Record on formats: 3gp, mp4, wav, mp3
  • Select different Audio Sources.
  • Delete recorded items
  • Share recordings

*Please note that on some devices recording a call is not possible, and in other phones recording both conversations is not possible, so please take that into consideration when rating this application.


Frequent Ask Questions

Is it compatible with my phone?

There is a demo version that you can try. We developed this version so users can test it with their phone before they purchase the PRO version. Make sure to make a test call with each source, to see which one works best. Not all phones are compatible. Some phones only can record through the microphone (MIC source).

How do I start recording?

In the main screen there is a microphone logo (gray), press it and it will change color to (green, blue), and a notification will appear. This means that the recording service is active and ready to record calls.

Does the recording service have to be active all the time? I’m concerned about battery performance.

The recording service is very efficient. It does not consume battery when waiting for a call. You can activate it all the time and be certain that is not consuming your phone’s resources, such as battery or processor.

Can I hide notifications?

Yes. Go to settings, display, notifications, and select to show a notification when the service is active, or to show only when recording.

How can I tell which recording source is the best one for my phone?

Start the recording service and make a test call for each recording source (MIC, DOWNLINK, UPLINK, VOICE_CALL). Decide which source doesn’t display errors in screen and records both sides of the call with good volume. In some phones, recording both lines is not possible.

Why do I get error messages when I make or receive a phone call?

Change the Audio Source in Options, (MIC, DOWNLINK, UPLINK, VOICE_CALL), we recommend you test each source with a toll free phone call. If none of the audio sources works correctly, your phone is not compatible. In some phones, recording both lines is not possible. Please don’t give us negative feedback if your phone is not compatible.

Why is the other conversation recorded with low volume?

Change the Audio Source in Options, (MIC, DOWNLINK, UPLINK, VOICE_CALL), we recommend you test each source with a toll free phone call. If none of the audio sources works correctly, your phone is not compatible. In some phones, recording both lines is not possible, so the only audio source is the Microphone. Some people have reported to us that you can record both lines by turning on the phone speaker. Please don’t give us negative feedback if your phone is not compatible.

Are there any additional features in the PRO version?

Both versions are identical. You will have the same functionality as the demo version. The only difference is that the demo version has a time limit of 30 days.

The translation in my language is not accurate, is there any way to fix it?

Yes. If you want to help us correct the translation to your language, send an email to and we will send you a link, where you can modify texts in the app. If the developers accept the changes, the corrections will be available on the next release.

How can I purchase the Call Recorder?

The only way we accept payments right now is only with Google Play. Is the most secure, easy and it is the only way to receive updates. Google accepts credit / debit cards. The price is marked as MX$, which means Mexican Pesos.

Get it on Google Play

Is the payment, a time recurring payment? Like a subscription?

No. The payment is done only once, and it’s permanent. In fact you can access the application if you change your cell phone. You can have the application as long as you have access to the Google account that you used to purchase it.

I have just installed the PRO version and it does not work, why?

Make sure you have selected the same source as the demo version. Both demo and full version are identical. After selecting the correct source, uninstall the demo version. Android does not support multiple apps using the same recording source.

Is it possible to record with the Bluetooth headset or earphones?

It depends on the phone, but most phones can NOT record calls from the Bluetooth headset. If you have problems with Bluetooth devices, there is an option to disable recording while a Bluetooth device is connected.

I updated to Android Kitkat 4.4, and it shows an error message when I try to save a call on the external SD card.

KitKat 4.4 does not allow to write the SD card external (or secondary) except in the SD package folder:
Demo Version:
Pro Version:



Settings Explained

  • Audio

    • Source

      • Select the audio input to record audio. This option is responsible to record both voices correctly. You can select MIC, DOWNLINK, UPLINK, VOICE_CALL. We recommend making a test call with each source.
    • Format

      • After selecting the source, select into what type of audio format the audio from the source will be saved.
        • THREE_GPP:

          • Encoder: Select different encoders to see which one records better, default is “AMR_NB”.
        • MP3:

          • Sample Rate: Select different sample rates for mp3 recording. If error message appears “Format Error” try changing the sample rate.
          • Bit Rate: Select the quality of the recorded audio, the higher the bit rate, the higher the quality of audio, but the higher the space required to store your recordings.
          • Stereo: Most phones use mono recording,
        • WAV

          • Sample Rate: Select different sample rates for mp3 recording. If error message appears “Format Error” try changing the sample rate.
  • Filter

    • Record Type

      • Both:

        • Record all calls
      • Incoming:

        • Record only calls you receive.
      • Outgoing:

        • Record only calls you start.
      • None:

        • Do not record calls automatically, this setting is to be used with the “display filter”, this way you can only record calls with the on screen button on top of the display.
    • Exclude Contacts

      • List of contacts: Select several contacts to record only contacts in this list, or select “Don’t record this contacts” to record all calls except if contact is found on the list. You can also turn off this option without erasing the list.
    • Dialer Screen

      • Enable this option to display a button on top of the dialer screen. If you press this button it will start/stop the recording. With this option you can manually record calls if you select record type to none.
    • Delete Small Recordings

      • This will automatically delete short recordings. If you select “5” seconds, every call less than 5 seconds will be erased automatically.
    • Outgoing Call Delay

      • When you start a call recording will not start immediately, If you select “10 seconds” the recording will start 10 seconds after pressing the call key.
  • Display

    • Show

      • Always:

        • A notification will be always visible when the Call Recorder is activated.
      • While

        • Recording: A notification will only be visible when recording is ongoing.
      • Off:

        • A notification will not be visible in the status bar.
    • Display Text

      • You can disable text in the notification area.
    • After Call

      • Show a notification with the latest call. If you are using Android 4.3 or better you can also share or delete the call.
    • Items on List

      • Number of recordings visible on the playlist. The higher the number, the more time it will take the list to load.
    • Language

      • You can change the language of the app.
    • 24 Hour Format

      • Use 24 hour format for time
  • File

    • File Path

      • Destination folder path for recording, you can also select a SD card folder like “/storage/extSdCard/Digital Call Recorder” to save recordings on the external storage media.
    • Dropbox

      • Upload calls automatically to Dropbox. Link your account, give access to the app, and after making a call, the recording will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder.
    • Upload Recordings

      • Upload ALL current recordings in folder to Dropbox, we recommend using this option only from a WIFI connection.
    • Wi-Fi Only

      • Before uploading to Dropbox, check if there is Wi-Fi if there is, upload to Dropbox. NOTE: Recordings will not be uploaded later when Wi-Fi is connected.
    • Delete Old Recordings

      • Input a number of days, and all calls older than that amount of days will be deleted. Recovering files after deletion will not be possible.
  • More

    • Unlocked

      • Select a pattern to be used when starting the app.
    • External Player

      • This option will try to play files on your phone’s media player.
    • Record if Bluetooth device is connected

      • Most phones cannot record from a Bluetooth device. But if your phone does, select this option to record calls with the Bluetooth device connected.
    • Contact developer

      • If you are experiencing unwanted behavior on the app, make sure to contact tech support.
    • Statistics

      • Help us make a better app by Reporting Errors and Statistics.





If you use a SD card in your phone and have Android 4.4+ and would like for Digital Call Recorder to store the recordings on your SD card you should carefully follow these instructions.

With 4.4 and above, apps can ONLY write to its own folder on the SD card. Digital Call Recorder does not create this folder when you install the app, therefore you must create the folder yourself. In the settings menu under “File” Digital Call Recorder allows you to set the folder where recordings are stored BUT the folder MUST exactly match the folder assigned to Digital Call Recorder by Android. The demo version has a differently named folder where the recordings are stored.

If you have installed Version 2, you must uninstall Version 2 before installing Version 3. Be sure to save all of your recordings because Android may delete the entire folder including any stored recordings when the program is uninstalled.

1. FIND THE APP TO CREATE A FOLDER: To create the folder you must have a file manager program that can write to the SD card. Many 3rd party apps cannot but the app that comes pre-installed usually can. This will be either “My Files” or “FX Files Explorer” or some similarly named app. The file manager program will usually have a yellow file folder icon.

2. Open the File Manager app and navigate first to the SD card which is usually /storage/extSdCard/
This may vary by manufacturer and model number but get to the Android/data folder on the SD card.

3. Navigate within the SD card to /Android/data so you should be at: /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/

4. Select Create New Folder and create a folder WITHIN the “data” folder with the name EXACTLY for your version:
Version 2 Demo: com.DigitalSolutions.DigitalCallRecorder
Version 2 Pro: com.DigitalSolutions.DigitalCallRecorderFull

5. Navigate to the folder that you just created and create a new folder within that folder (the one in step 4). You may name it any name that you choose such as Rec, Recordings, Phone or any other name.

6. If you named the folder where you will store your recording “Recordings” the full path to the new folder should be
Version 2 Demo: /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.DigitalSolutions.DigitalCallRecorder/Recordings

Version 2 Pro: /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.DigitalSolutions.DigitalCallRecorderFull/Recordings

7. In Digital Call Recorder settings choose File and navigate to the Recordings folder then choose the Recordings folder.